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Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

When our female friend has her birthday, certainly, it is not difficult to choose the gift that she liked. However, we sometimes don’t know exactly what to give for our boyfriends when he gonna have his birthday. Even in the last minute we are still confused about the object to be rendered. What precisely determine a suitable birthday present for men?

Sandra Beckwith, author of "Why Can’t a Man Be More Like a Woman" said', men consider a gift given by his girlfriend contain a message to be conveyed. "Therefore, women should be careful to choose a gift if she doesn't want her partner to have a mistaken perception," says Sandra. Choosing a gift based on the length of your relationship as a couple is the tips recommended by Sandra.

1 Month Relationship
 "In this phase the right gift is a thing that shows your special attention to him," says Robyn Spizman, the author of The Perfect Present. For example, if your sweetheart likes to read a particular author’s work, you can give the latest book written by that author. Or, if you have a man who was crazy about golf, give a book written by Tiger Woods. According to Robyn the type of gift is memorable bu8t not personal. "At the beginning of the relationship, it is very important that when you give a gift, it can be used/useful. NOT a gift of objects that you're hoping to be used, "says Robyn.

3-6 Months Relationship
Give a gift that signifies that you and him are partners. "Activities that can involve the both of you is the best gift. For example, a romantic dinner at his favorite restaurant outing or go out of town, "says Robyn.

1 Year Relationship
 Give a gift that expresses or shows your feelings. For example, your photo with him placed in a beautiful frame. In this way, he will be impressed and feel loved. Remember, at this stage you do not need to spend too much money for your gift because your relationship is more meaningful when compared to a mere present.

More than 3 years Relationship
Underwent successful relationship for more than three years means a relationship you both have reached the serious stage. Choosing a gift is not anymore a difficult thing for you. It is best to ask directly what he wants, because there is no more ‘pressure’ to give a gift that is a surprise.

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