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Homemade Graduation Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

Planning to make the perfect graduation gift at home? Here are some ideas for homemade graduation gifts...

Graduation is a special ceremony - even if it means stepping from undergraduate studies to graduate studies or moving on from graduate studies to enter the corporate world. A graduation gift is a simple way to applaud the successful achievements of the graduates. Although there are a lot of graduation gifts available in the gift shops, if you want your graduation gift to be truly unique, you can use one of these ideas for homemade graduation gifts. These ideas are not only easy-to-make but will help you create truly special and warm gifts which will stand out from the crowd of clich├ęd and conventional graduation gifts.

Homemade Graduation Gifts

Homemade gifts are always more special than the ready-made gifts available at the gift store, since they say a lot about the kind of effort and thought that has gone behind the gift. Have a look at these novel homemade graduation gift ideas and take your pick:

Gift Basket

Gift baskets are a great way to put together a lot of small and thoughtful gifts together into one useful gift basket. After graduation, if the person is about to go to college, then you can obviously give him/her a lot of stationery and other useful gifts, which he/she can use in college. Just put together some pens, pencils, notebooks, books, penholder, folders, or any other products that you think would be useful for him/her. In addition to this, you can also add planners, organizers as well. If the graduating person is about to enter the corporate world and become a working professional, some corporate stationery or formal clothing and accessories can be a great addition to your gift basket. You can add some T-shirts, chocolates or even caps to spruce up the gift basket and make it more interesting.

University/College Theme Gifts

Every student is always very attached to his/her college or university and is always glad to flaunt the university logo or the trademark university colors. The graduate school logos, the university color should all be incorporated into this gift idea. If you are good at quilting, you can even make a graduation quilt using the university colors and the logo as well. You can even knit a nice sweater with that person's initials and the university logo, which can be a really special gift for graduation. In addition to this, you can even knit a muffler with the initials and the logo. A homemade handbag or purse with the university colors and logo might also be a great idea.

Graduation Scrapbook

Scrapbooking is a great way to put together fond college and university memories as a unique homemade graduation gift. Create a beautiful graduation scrapbook by adding pictures of the college as well as the graduating student and maybe also some of his/her friends. If you are looking for more content to add to your graduation scrapbook, you can also add graduation quotes. Try to create a scrapbook, which is a collection of all the fond memories of the college/university. You can decorate the scrapbook using his/favorite colors. Try to make the scrapbook more interesting by using things like - fall leaves from the campus, library receipts, or even portions of assignment/test papers.

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